Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Below you will find the types of psychological assessments I provide.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment

  • Conducts behavioral observations in multiple settings
  • Determines level of impairment as a result of AD/HD symptoms
  • Provides individualized recommendations for treatment, educational consultation, family support

Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Conducts cognitive and/or achievement assessments
  • Determines cognitive strengths and weaknesses, learning disabilities
  • Provides individualized recommendations for academic tasks, school supports

Functional Behavior Assessment

  • Conducts behavioral observations in multiple settings
  • Determines specific behavior function, including contextual factors and consequences
  • Provides specialized behavioral treatment planning

Diagnostic Assessment

  • Conducts multi-modal assessment and testing of personal psychological factors
  • Determines areas of functioning, impairment and diagnosis
  • Provides individualized treatment recommendations

Disruptive Behavior Disorder Assessment

  • Incorporates aspects of all aforementioned assessments
  • Thoroughly assesses all implicated areas of functioning
  • Provides specialized behavior intervention plan and consultation to caregivers, relevant treatment providers